Download WatzUsage latest Update Point apk – POINT APK

Download WatzUsage latest Update Point apk

Download WatzUsage latest Update Point apk


How are you? Hope you all are well, welcome to today’s new article. In today’s time mobile phone has become a part of our life. This is the reason why every guy uses mobile because without it many of us There are jobs left.

This mobile phone not only makes our daily life easier, although at the same time it also moves us towards the latest technology as its social apps like Facebook, Messenger, YouTube and WhatsApp help us access the internet. We keep in touch with each other from time to time, in addition to learning knowledge as well as skills from these apps. We at WhatsApp keep in touch with each other, but if our family or young children use the same WhatsApp, we need to review them for better guidance so that they can use WhatsApp. Whatever they are doing, keep us informed.

So if you are also worried about how to review your WhatsApp children, then I will tell you an app that will take away all your worries.

All you have to do is install WatzUsage – App Usage Tracker for WhatsApp. With the help of which you can review the WhatsApp of your children as well as the rest of your family. The WatzUsage app lets you go online and offline, and the app will tell you in a second when the next guy came online or offline on the WhatsApp. If you use this application, you don’t have to waste time watching anyone online or offline.

In addition, this app also has a lot of functions such as status saver, whatsapp notification, Whatsapp Tracker, whatsapp message, whatsapp online, etc

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Status Saver:

times we are looking at the status of our friends on WhatsApp and we like a status so much that if we want to download it we can’t download it, but if you WatzUsage If you use, you will get rid of this problem because the status saving function in it allows you to download any status which is a very good function.

Whatsapp Tracker:

A lot of times we have to text or call a guy on WhatsApp but we don’t know when he came online so if you also have this problem then there is no need to worry because WatzUsage app Use will notify you when the next person arrives online or offline, which will save you a lot of time.

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