Latest Whatsapp Top Features You Must Know

What is it about the latest version of whatsapp that makes it so popular? Is it the advanced features or the ease of use? The answer of course lies in the latter! Whatsapp is very much in vogue nowadays.

Whatsapp Top features


GB Whatsapp is available on most social networking sites in the form of an apk file. It enables you to use the app without being connected to the internet and without downloading any files on your device. This makes it extremely handy to have on any mobile. Let us look at some of the latest whatsapp secret tips and tricks.

Whatsapp Top Features You Must Know


Auto reply: One of the biggest complaints about this app is that you can’t do bulk reply on one chat window. That means you have to open up two whatsapp windows and start replying to messages. This could be very tedious and can disrupt the flow of your conversation. To avoid this, use two whatsapp accounts instead of just one. With two, you can open multiple chats and give instant replies to messages received on one of them.


Showing the new version: Even if you are using the regular version of whatsapp, it is always better to show the latest version of the app. The official website of google doesn’t mention the newest version for fear that the user would upgrade the old version before getting the new one. For this, you need to use third-party application. Install the third-party whatsapp client and get the latest notifications on your desktop.


Send pictures: One of the greatest and most important features of whatsapp is its ability to send pictures. You can add a picture from your computer or the ones you have taken with your mobile phone. However, it is also possible to share pictures from a particular message you have sent using this service. Simply tap on the camera icon present in a particular message and choose “Share photo”.

Whatsapp Top Features


Instant messaging: You will come across a variety of instant messaging (IM) applications like yahoo messenger and plenty more. But the best among them all is whatsapp. Its unique feature is its rich user interface and advanced features that allow easy operation. You can create group, send and view the list of recent chats and have the option of switching between different chats’ screens.


Watch live TV: If you are watching any live TV programs on your PC or laptop and want to watch them on your mobile then you must install the third-party whatsapp apk app. It allows you to watch live TV on your mobile using an application. Just download this application from the Google play store or the Apple store and you are good to go. Just like the other two apps, you can also change the channel through the channel settings menu. The only difference between the other two is that it offers more premium services like movie trailers and latest shows.


These are some of the most used and top most useful whatsapp secret and tips that can make your communication much easier and convenient than before. Use two whatsapps to stay connected to people in different places if you don’t want to miss a single word or want to exchange information urgently. Also, use whatsapp to exchange files between two phones even if both the devices are not connected to the internet. You can do this by downloading the free video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, BrightCove or Metacafe.


The best way to keep in touch with your loved ones is by sending SMS with your mobile phone. If you are planning to transfer something from one place to another, you don’t have to call to clarify whether there is a problem or not. You can just send the message using your handset as well as your social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace. The latest whatsapp secret tips suggest that you should always add the location as part of your messaging and get the location added on your maps and phone location as well so that you don’t get lost in a huge crowd of people at a party.

Latest Whatsapp Top Features You Must Know


Apart from all the functionalities, one of the top features of whatsapp which has become really popular with users recently is its ability to download status and e-mails directly from your phone. You can get the latest whatsapp status and news headlines from your phone using this Download Manager and you can also download videos and music directly from your phone using the Music Download Manager. There are various other simple features also which you can access from your mobile and which will enable you to manage your mobile properly.


To sum up, the latest whatsapp status saver app has been launched along with the launch of the android version of this exciting social media app. The Android version has been made even more exciting by adding a plethora of exciting features to it. This makes it a very useful gadget for all the people who use this app regularly. It also provides a unique opportunity to people who are not using mobile phones to communicate with their loved ones. They can still send images, share photos and share video clips with their dear ones.


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