Online Earn Money From Youtube Facebook Instagram

Friends, right now I will tell you how you can make money on youtube instagram and facebook

First of all I will tell you how you can make money from Facebook

It is very easy to earn money from Facebook, first of all, create a Facebook page by going to your Facebook ID. After creating Facebook page, you will have to upload videos on your Facebook page, with which you can upload us, just you have to increase your Facebook page to follower. 

People are earning millions of rupees from Facebook page, you can also earn millions of rupees daily on your mobile, just you have to work on Facebook page.

I also tell you how to monetize Facebook page and what is its Policy

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Friends, now I will tell you how you can make money from YouTube channel

First of all, you have to create a YouTube channel on your mobile Creating a Youtube channel is very easy. If you go to YouTube and search how to create a Youtube channel then you will get a lot of videos.  You create a complete YouTube channel, after that, what to do next, I also guide you step by step.

After setting the YouTube logo and setting the YouTube cover photo in addition, after setting the complete setting, you will have to upload the video to your YouTube channel. Upload videos that are not copyrighted, you can create your own videos and upload them to YouTube channel.

In the same way, if you keep uploading your own videos on YouTube, then your Subscriber increases will increase and at the watchtime your channel will also grow

As soon as you Complete watchtime after 4000 hours and complete in 1000, then you can easily start earning money from your YouTube channel.

How to make money from youtube and what is the policy of youtube, you can check from here

I will tell you the way how you will make money from Instagram 

People are earning a lot of money on Instagram as well, by teaching their followers, they give traffic to the website and there are lots of options for earning money on Instagram.

Nowadays, every person has an ID of Instagram and those who use TickTok, they also have the ID of Instagram.

Tiktok users get at least two lakh three lakh Follower, then they use Instagram and they also increase the followers of Instagram.And monetize the Instagram ID and start earning money on it and besides this many people place their ads on Instagram 

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Today I will tell you a website from which you can earn millions of rupees.

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