Smart Photo Editing Apps For Smartphones

A photo editor for your mobile device is the best possible solution if you want to edit photos from your smartphone. With a smart phone, you can easily take several photos and easily share them with your friends and family effortlessly. There are several photo editors available on the market that let you edit your photos on the fly.

Smart Photo Editing Apps For Smartphones

If you think Picasa from Google is the best photo editor for your smartphone, then you’re wrong. This is because there are many editors in the market and they all claim to be the best. To select the best photo editor for your phone, you need to identify your needs first before shopping around. The key to selecting the best photo editing program is understanding what your needs are.

While you can download an app from the Android Market or the Apple Store, the best option is to buy a photo editing app that comes built-in on your handset. Such apps are designed to work seamlessly with your mobile device, so you can edit your photos directly without downloading any additional stuff. Some of the best editing programs come equipped with advanced image processing features including filters, sharpeners, and image restoration tools.


Let’s take a look at some of the top editing apps that allow you to enhance your snaps using multiple tools and amazing photo effects. One app that offers both great functionality and an equally impressive set of features is Photosky. The beautiful interface of this cool photo editor allows you to easily change the background and apply cool effects to your pictures. You can also insert text and merge different kinds of media files. The cool effects mobile app allows you to retouch your photos with graffiti art, flower images, funny faces, animals, cars and more.

Another app that offers cool features like advanced photo editing and advanced picture editing is iUXe Plus. This app enables you to create professional-looking collage from your photographs. You can also apply filters on your pictures and use backgrounds and themes to enrich your photos. The filters available in this program include Auto Background, Lightroom Style, Matrix Style, Convection Style, Light Brush Stroke, Lift & distort, Radial Blur and Dark Filter.

Photo Editing Apps For Smartphones

If you want something really advanced but are not willing to spend so much on an editing program, you should check out Lumymer, another amazing photo editor app. It offers features like merge and overlay, title and caption aligning, image thumbnailing and background color adjustment. The other cool features like image thumbnails, adjustable shadows and white fill make this photo editor even more useful for those who love taking as many pictures as they can. This app allows you to create captivating covers and banners for websites, blogs and press releases. If you feel that the captivating cover will make your pictures look boring, you can change the background and theme of your images easily with this amazing photo editor.

If you love taking pictures of your kids or pets, you should check out Photo Editor for iPhone, another awesome photo editing apps for iPhones that comes free with your mobile phone. This iPhone app offers various features like photo filters, creative touch and clear image controls, red eye removal, background attributes, white balance adjuster and live feedback. It also includes cool filters like Lenses, Light Effects, and Color Effects, which can be used to make your pictures more interesting. There are also filters available like Golden Ratio, Recolor, Monochrome Fade, and Spot Color. These features make it easier for you to retouch pictures without spending much money.

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Another amazing photo editing mobile app is Photo Editor for iPad, which is available for downloading free from the iTunes store. The layout of this iPad app is similar to the iPhone version and offers similar editing features. It includes various features like image thumbnails, rotate, crop, resize, and save, which make it a better choice if you want a simple yet elegant photo editing app.


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