Snack Video New Update 2021

Snack Video New Policy Update

Hi guys, today’s topic is on this Snack Video Today we will talk about this topic Some policy of snake video has been updated, which I will tell you now

I will tell you everything with details, first you have to understand a little here and then So first I will tell you how you will download it So I will explain everything to you step by step

1. Download Snack Video App

Downloading snake videos is very easy, you can download it very easily You can also download it from Google, you can download it from the Play Store, simply go to the Play Store, search there, Snake Video, when it arrives, download it.

When downloaded, open it and after opening it, you have to create an account here, it is with Google with Facebook, you can create an account with your number as well, when you create an account,

This is our first topic, now I will tell you the second topic


2. Snack Video New Policy Update

The new policy for snake video has been updated now Previously Snake Video is a normal video app, people who used to use it with normal type and earn money from here, now add some new features to it.

When the snake video call logs were used earlier, it has some features which are If given, then there were some normal things in it and he used to tell normal on this application.

Whenever the application came for the first time, people used to give only one night to their friend here, then there was Rs.200 on snack video app

And even after watching videos, normal and some keys were given and we used to upload our own videos or some content, there we got some coins too.

So now its new policy has been updated. Now when we invite a friend, we will be given ₹ 500 on the invoice of a friend. And if we watch the video, then we will be given double coins now and if we upload our own video content and so on, then we will be running double A and our earnings will be very high.

So this was the information of the new policy update snake video, which I have shared with you. As soon as I came to know about this information, I thought that I should share it with my friends right now so that those people also get to know.

So now we will talk a little bit about the new policy update of just one video.

3. About Of Snack Video New Policy Update

Now it has been updated the new policy of snake videos so that they are fans of our friends who are followers so that we get more And if we will be given good features on it, then people will like it more and download it more and our fans and its rating will increase and it will become famous.

For this reason its new policy update has been updated So quickly share it with your friends too so that those people also know that today’s topic is complete.


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