T-Mobile Prepaid Review – Plans, Phones, Pros and Cons

T-Mobile Prepaid Review – Plans, Phones, Pros and Cons

T-Mobile is one of the biggest cell phone administrators in the United States with more than 100 million clients around the world.

T-Mobile has converged with SunCom Wireless which is situated in Bellevue, Washington.

It offers a wide scope of voice and information administrations for both homegrown and worldwide calling needs.

The organization’s trademark, “Remain Together”, supports customers from varying backgrounds to live, work and play utilizing their high level remote administrations.

Prepaid plans

There are distinctive prepaid plans offered by T-Mobile Prepaid. Pay By The Day plan offers limitless evenings from 7 pm. Until 7 am for an extra $ 1.00 each day just, and it just charges when you utilize your telephone.

Nearby calls are charged dime each moment outside limitless evenings. Pay More only as costs arise plans offer level expenses for certain basin minutes: $ 100 for 1,000 minutes, $ 50 for 400 minutes, $ 25 for 130 minutes, and $ 10 for 30 minutes.

In the event that you exploit the Gold Rewards offer, you will get 15% additional minutes each time you re-energize your $ 100. Companion prepaid arrangement is appropriate to information utilization.

You get limitless email, web, and instant messages for just $ 1.00 every day. The cost for nearby brings in this bundle is 15 pennies each moment.

Upsides and downsides

With T-Mobile Prepaid, you can appreciate remote administrations without yearly agreements, month to month bills, or credit checks. You can just top off your minutes on the web or through retailers to utilize your telephone. Costs get steep when you purchase re-energize cards under $ 100.00. For instance, you pay approximately 20 pennies each moment with a $ 25 re-energize card.


Meeting minutes

Minute rates fluctuate contingent upon the arrangement you pick. Pay By the Day has a standard dime each moment on all neighborhood calls that are not covered by limitless evenings.

Pay More only as costs arise has four re-energize cards to browse and the included minutes increment the more you purchase a card with a higher division. Companion prepaid charges 15 pennies per minute on every nearby call.


With the Sidekick prepaid arrangement, you can get to your messages, peruse the web, send instant messages, and utilize texting for just an extra $ 1.00 each day.

Text and picture

Plans other than the Sidekick prepaid arrangement charge a dime for sending instant messages and 5 pennies for accepting them. The expense to send the photographs is a quarter for both sending and accepting.


When calling to a country outside of the United States, extra expenses apply. The most reduced rate is $ 0.40 each moment. Check site costs in explicit nations.

Network Features

Calling highlights incorporate voice message, guest ID, call pausing, and three-way calls. Broadcast appointment charges may apply while recovering Voicemail, utilizing call pausing, and when leading a telephone call.

significant distance

Cross country significant distances are remembered for all T-Mobile prepaid plans.



Installment choices

Records can be re-energized utilizing the telephone list or by calling a number. Supporters can likewise visit the retail location or approved vendors. Installment alternatives incorporate credit and charge cards, checks and money.

Meandering charges

All prepaid T-Mobile plans incorporate free meandering across the country.

Enactment expense


Minute termination rules

Minutes bought on cards under $ 100 will terminate in 90 days. Yet, the $ 100 re-energize cards will expand administration for one year.

clients administration

Client support can be reached by means of complementary number, email, or partaking retail locations.


T-Mobile prepaid telephone models are Nokia 1208, Motorola V195, Nokia 1680, Samsung t109, Samsung t219, Samsung Black Stripe, Nokia 2760 and Nokia 2610.

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